EastAsianSoccer - Japanese Soccer: J-League

J League Ladder

Japanese Soccer League / April 19, 2023

Our under 8/9’s members play red and orange fun tournaments on a regular basis on Sundays. Other clubs involved in this event are Kells and Dundalk Tennis clubs.

Club ladders
The club has a junior singles ladder which allows our junior members play challenge matches and get to know some of your club members! Seeding for the clubchampionships is also based on this ladder. Some of the older junior members also play on the senior ladders.

Leagues and Tournaments
The club encourages our junior members to participate in competitions. The club enters teams in the Tennis Ireland Summer League and the Dublin Lawn Tennis Club, Junior League. Places on teams are limited and ladder and match play and club championship results are used to help select team members.

Club tournaments
The club hosts the North East Junior open which gets a large number of entries from members outside of our own club. This ever popular event generally runs the first week in August. In addition to the tennis the BBQ is popular among all competitors.

It is also possible for children to play in Open Tennis Competitions in lots of other Clubs from U8 age-group up. To find out about these, go to and look at the left-hand panel. Competitions are advertised here about 2 weeks before they happen. You can enter online or by phone. These competitions give children an opportunity to play against new opposition and they enjoy playing in different environments.

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