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Japanese Football Stadiums / February 12, 2024

Japan Partnerships Manager, Venture Cafe Global Institute

Venture Café Global Institute (VCGI) and Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) are seeking to hire a Japan Program Manager to support the growing Captains of Innovation program based the Cambridge, MA, where this position is also based. This person will also staff the Japan Desk as a type of “Madoguchi”, the welcoming point for Japanese companies coming to tap into CIC and Boston’s innovation ecosystem. This person must be fluent in Japanese language and culture.

VCGIとCIC(ケンブリッジイノベーションセンター)はケンブリッジ(MA)において成長中のキャプテンズオブイノベーションプログラムを支援するための日本パートナーシップマネージャーを探しています。この担当者はジャパンデスクとしてCIC やボストンのイノベーションエコシステムに参入する日本企業の窓口業務も担い、日本語だけではなく文化にも精通している必要があります。


Captains of Innovation is a cross-sector program of VCGI, which helps corporations accelerate the rate of innovation and introduces them to emerging talent and ideas. The program assists with the full spectrum of innovation to help conceive, develop and commercialize ideas, products and services as well as connect corporations to startups, entrepreneurs, and innovation thought leaders. Corporate partners join in order to find new technologies and business models as well as understand emerging technology and market trends that may disrupt their industries.


Venture Café’s mission is to connect innovators to make things happen. Founded in 2009 at CIC, Venture Café is now a global movement of local nonprofits working to build stronger and more inclusive innovation ecosystems and accelerate and enhance the innovation process, in cities around the world. It does this through its use of programming, physical spaces, storytelling, and broad innovation engagement. There are currently Venture Cafes in 5 locations globally.

Venture Cafe Global Institute (VCGI) is a Public Benefit Corporation, owned by CIC, created to support the global network of independent Venture Café organizations. VCGI offers training, resources, and guides expansion to new sites. It also deploys our flagship corporate-startup connections program, Captains of Innovation, around the world.