2016 National Women

National League Football Standings

Japanese Soccer League / October 25, 2023


2017 NPSFL Standings

Division I


Standings only represents the 4 NPSFL league games played towards league play.

Top two teams in each division play for respective Championships.

Tie Breakers

  • Overall Record
  • Head to Head
  • Power Rankings System

#- Not Eligible for Championships

* = Clinched Berth into Championship Game

Division II



Tie Breaker Rules

The basic criteria for selection of the two teams to represent the League in the Championship Games will be by a simple WON/LOSS record, using only 4
officially sanctioned League contests.

In the event teams have identical WON/LOSS records, the next determining factor will be head-to-head competition. Where head-to-head can be applied, it shall be applied. If more than two teams have played head-to-head and their head-to-head victories cancel each other out, this tie-breaker will not apply. If the head-to-head system does not apply, the next determination will be made by the “Power Ranking System” which has been adopted by the League.(Approved 11/11/15)

The Power Ranking System:
a) Each team will be assigned a power ranking at the Annual League Organizational Meeting. The ranking will be based completely on the team’s previous season’s performance. The ranking will be as follows:
1) Win/Loss Power Ranking
4 - 0 5
3 - 1 4
2 - 2 3
1 - 3 2
0 - 4 2
(Approved 11/8/12)
2) New teams joining the League after their probationary season will be assigned a power ranking of 2. (Approved 2/8/11)

b) Each team will be awarded two (2) points for each victory in an officially sanctioned League contest (i.e., a team that has a 4-0 record for each regular season win, the affected team will be awarded one will be awarded eight (8) points, a 3-1 team will be awarded six (6) points, etc.).
c) At the end of the regular season, all teams will compare their individual records, and their League opponent’s WON/LOSS records. 1 point for each of their regular season opponent’s win and no points for a loss.

Total Power Points = Power Ranking Points + Victory Points + Opponent Victory Points
Example: Two teams are 4-0 in the league at the end of the regular season
 Team A with a record of 4-0 has played teams with power ranking of 5/3/3/1 = 12 Power Ranking points
 Team A is awarded two points for each win 4-0 = 8 Victory points
 Team A is awarded one point for each opponent’s win that season:
Team 1 - 3-1 = 3
Team 2 - 2-2 = 2
Team 3 - 1-3 = 1
Team 4 - 1-3 = 1
3+2+1+1= 7 Opponent Victory points
Team A Power Point total is 12 + 8 + 7 = 27
 Team B with a record of 4-0 has played teams with power ranking of 3/3/2/2 = 10 Power Ranking points
 Team B is awarded two points for each win 4-0 = 8 Victory points
 Team B is awarded one point for each opponent’s win that season:
Team 1 - 3-1 = 3
Team 2 - 2-2 = 2
Team 3 - 2-2 = 2
Team 4 - 0-4 = 0
3+2+2+0 = 7 Opponent Victory points
Team B Power Point total is 10 + 8 + 7 = 25
Team A would advance over Team B to the Championship Game on Power Points (27 to 25).

If a determination cannot be made by the “Power Ranking System, ” the League President will conduct a coin flip while on teleconference call with a representative from teams involved. The coin flip shall be video recorded, by camera or cellular phone, as to eliminate any dispute. If the League President’s team is involved, any other member of the Executive Board may be selected to conduct the coin flip. (Approved 11/11/15)

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Source: www.npsfl.org