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World Cup preliminary

Japan Cup / October 28, 2023

WCPW has announced the launch of the inaugural Pro Wrestling World Cup, a first of its kind 64-man tournament.

Run over ten separate dates beginning March 21st, the Pro Wrestling World Cup will see competitors from six continents compete in eight preliminary tournaments to be held in several different countries.

The preliminaries will see eight men competing in a single fall elimination tournament. Each preliminary tournament will consist of competitors from a single country: Canada, England, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Scotland, USA. A tournament will also be held for competitors from the Rest Of The World, with eight further countries represented. Two winners will proceed from each tournament.

A four-night, 16-man, final will be held in the United Kingdom in the summer.

The first preliminary event to take place on March 21st will be the regional tournament for England, and is set to be held in Nottingham.

All Pro Wrestling World Cup tournament matches will be broadcast for free on the WCPW YouTube channel, with the two-night final being broadcast live.

Professional wrestling fans in over 180 countries have viewed WCPW content, with more than 130, 000 subscribers to its YouTube channel, after launching in June, 2016.

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