Free Workout Program — Best Football Workouts

Best Football Strength training Program

Train on the same program as the US National Team

USA Football has partnered with Volt Athletics to bring you world class football strength training.

Each workout tells you exactly what to do in the weight room to train correctly for football and get in the best shape of your life.

The USA Football workouts develop multi-joint strength through a combination of Olympic and powerlifting variations to help break tackles, sustain blocks, and dominate on the gridiron.

The USA Football strength program contains complete Olympic weightlifting and plyometric progressions, helping to increase explosion off the line, linear sprint speed, and first-step acceleration in every direction.

In combination with the right diet, the USA Football training program helps add lean muscle to exert more force and withstand more impact on the field. Get bigger, stronger, and reduce the risk of injury from the physical nature of football.