Why Advertisers Are Not Sure That They Reach Their Target

It can be overwhelming to hear that only 35% of marketers in advertising companies are confident that their campaigns are reaching their target audience, according to a survey conducted by a consultancy.

And on the other hand we have that one in five respondents believe that their marketing actions are not reaching their target. Even 11% do not know what are the appropriate channels to impact their chosen audience. Of course, a third of the participants in the report confirm that they use social networks for their campaigns and 22% use part of their budget for content marketing.

For this reason, the employer should look for a unified platform, through which he can sell all his articles or inform about all his services as  tijuana mexico dentists and doctors do in Tijuana through all the sales channels that he has.

It has also been found that 24% of marketing professionals do not track their advertising investments. But those who do have found great difficulties in this, because of the multitude of sources with which they work. In this regard, tracking digital actions is more complex than offline ones.

In light of these data, the famous centennial phrase that half of the advertising budget is wasted, but I do not know what half it is.

According to this expert, marketing professionals “should take full advantage of the data they have at their disposal, and deepen more so that their brand is seen in the right places by the right people”.

Therefore, you must be constantly synchronizing products and merging customer databases manually. An exhausting task.
The new marketing strategy that will attract new customers uses innovative advertising techniques. It is a tactic that requires little investment, but can provide great benefits to the employer due to its widespread media coverage. This technique tries to get the attention of the clients, doing things that surprise them and that they have not seen in other places.