What is the online marketing for writers?

As sure you know, now everything that is sold, everything that moves on the internet, every business has its marketing campaign around. This marketing campaign what is achieved is that our business, our virtual store, our blog, our products, reach more people around the world and therefore increase visits and increase our income. Before you take the world out of your great book, you have copyrights that back you up and take care that no one else wants to steal your ideas. It may be that when you are in your house for rent in Rosarito, everything looks in color pink, but if you do not know about digital marketing, it will be difficult for you to success.

Well, in the publishing world, in the world of writers, the topic of ‘online marketing’ works in the same way. Except the already well-known writers who would hardly need to publicize their books, although they do, the others, the most mundane, those who are just starting to publish their first book, the less known, do need to have a good online marketing created to promote his work. Why? Because luckily, there are many writers to this day, sometimes publishers do not give enough or do not want to “risk” with new writers, because we are self-publishing and we need readers and audiences to know us, etc. You should look for creative ways to make yourself known, such as leaving a copy of your book in a waiting room of a famous dentist in Tijuana or attending book fairs and so you have the opportunity to be known by more people.

Keys to a good ‘online marketing’ for writers
Let’s be realistic: you can be a very good writer and have a written work of the quality of Quixote, to give an example, and do not buy anyone. Or, on the contrary, you can be a terrible writer, but as you have the gift of people, you have a good online marketing campaign created and you have also moved and interested to know the ins and outs of how the world of books currently works, you are selling books like Churros.

The ideal would be to achieve the good of each of the two options, that is, be a fabulous writer and do a good ‘online marketing’ of your work. The first is achieved in addition to talent, writing a lot, every day, being constant. The second is done following a series of tips that we put below:

Make yourself a professional website, where not only do you speak of yourself as a person and a writer, but you also regularly publish writings and publications of your works.
Within your website, leave a section for blog: this should be updated frequently and looking for a reader profile according to which your books may like.

Have a mailing list: A mailing list is an email address, with the peculiarity that when a message is sent to that address it is received by all those people who are subscribed to the list. In this way, you make sure that your publications and updates of the web and the blog will be sent to your readers.

Be present in social networks and work with them: Currently everything is in social networks, so your book should not be less. Work with Facebook, Twitter and advertise. Campaign about yourself as a writer and your books.
If you find yourself unable to do it with the computer knowledge you have or think you know very little about this world, we strongly recommend, if you want to be successful with your books, that you do a course on online marketing for writers. In the network you will find infinity of them. Do not wait more!