The Basics of Branding

In the new world in which the organic and the virtual intersect, leaving a better informed consumer, with more knowledge and being a producer of their own ideas, products and services, it is very important to clearly define what is meant by marketing and by branding Marketing is the active promotion of a product or service. Literally it is the push of messages oriented towards the sale of a product. Branding is, on the other hand, comparable to the action of pulling instead of pushing, it is the expression of the essential value of a company, product or service.

Branding communicates the characteristics, values and attributes that differentiate the brand of an article or service from others. Through branding, a company manages to create user experience in consumers, makes people talk about their brand even if it is not present. Every brand and person must do branding from the way they dress until they have an impeccable smile with cosmetic dentistry in Tijuana and then marketing, since the first is strategic and the second is tactical. The marketing effort is less than that of branding, since the latter is what makes a consumer “stick” to the attributes associated with a product / service.
In contrast, marketing a brand builds awareness about the products covered under that brand. The company keeps its marketing activities under control, and the branding is delivered to consumers. Today people have control over what a brand says, because they are the ones who build a communication fabric around brands, making them their own or distanced from them.
Therefore, branding is what affects the degree of loyalty that consumers will have towards a brand. Every company sells in different ways, and everyone in the organization (regardless of the position they occupy), through their actions, are building or destroying the brand they represent.
Marketing actions should be based on data, “out of the box” research, social listening or other, and in an effective execution, to achieve sales move up and strengthen a brand. The branding strategy must be financially consistent in its vision for the future positioning of a brand, taking care to be efficient in managing the budget.
You have to listen to people, consumers, customers and users, conscientiously, to return campaigns that communicate in a simple, creative and empathetic way, what is valuable for the brand to meet the people who consume it.