How do online shoppers buy fashion?

In the world of technology, everyone looks for what they need online, for example, when looking for dental treatments it is enough to put dental implants in Tijuana Mexico in the dental search to find the perfect dentist for you.

And one of the most successful industries in the online world is fashion, since 24% of online fashion buyers purchase products once a month, while 11.9% do so every 15 days and 12.5% Every two months. Only 3.8% of respondents buy fashion products through the internet once a week.

The report, which analyzes the behavior of online fashion buyers, reveals that 70% use the computer to buy through the store’s website, while 30% choose the smartphone, using the app that previously has downloaded.

On the other hand, the majority of respondents (79.8%) buy up to three articles each time they place an online order. In addition, 87.5% of buyers spend up to 100 euros per order, and only 9.6% of users usually share their purchases or preferences through social networks.

The study also indicates that the majority of online fashion consumers prefer to shop at their own stores (44%), ahead of multi-brand centers (32%), aggregators (13%) and sales clubs (11%).

Finally, the factors most valued by online fashion buyers are the previous experience, and the service received in previous purchases, the perception of the online site as reliable, the multichannel service, the ratings of other customers and the garment search engine.

Among other aspects, the study also shows that the average expenditure on clothing and accessories is between 500 euros and 1,000 euros per year and is similar in men and women.

24% of buyers spend more than 1,000 euros a year on clothes. This percentage is in line with Germany and is higher than in France (19%).

In the analysis by ages it is appreciated that the group that invests least in clothes is that of young people under 25 years, more than 60% of them does not exceed half, 500 euros.

At the other generational and expenditure end, among those over 65 with expenses between 2,000 euros and 4,000 euros, women spend twice as much as men.

According to the study, the average expenditure per purchase in Spain is slightly above that of France and 17.6% below that of Germany.