Errors That Your Company May Commit In Marketing

We all know that marketing is one of the most valuable tools for a company, not only generates sales, but that creates a new perception in people about our product or service. But if it is used badly it can create a bad perception and nobody wants that, so here are some important points that you should not neglect in your marketing plan.

Not defining your strategy well

No matter how many or what media you occupy in your strategy, it does not matter if you use SEO positioning, advertising in Adwords, the same content marketing, mobile applications, web design, Social Media or the combination of several, it is very important to have a well-defined strategy.

First we have to know which one is going to do our final goal and then see what the metrics will do to help us measure the results, for example a dentist wants patients and opts for a social media strategy, having many “likes” it does not guarantee that you will have many patients for dental veneers in Tijuana. It also has to define which people are addressed, what topics will be addressed, the types of format, deadlines are handled, and even who and with what roles are involved in the task to get the user to finish executing the desired action.

Another common mistake is not having a responsible or leader in the project. This is fundamental in the development of any specific campaign, as happens when working on a new idea or project, you have to appoint a boss to ensure that the strategy is fulfilled as defined. In this, of course, marketing agencies also insist a lot.

And that person, can not be anyone, has to be someone expert in the field and have a good time working in the company and know well the objectives of the strategy. With these two important points in your favor, it is very likely that your strategy will be a success.