Do influencers work?

The majority works. 88% stated that influencer marketing practices are very useful or valuable to generate notoriety; 65% believe that they are helpful in improving customer loyalty and another 53% think it is vital to boost sales.

And if you believe that influencers are only for young people, you are wrong there are many people of a mature and advanced age who have thousands and millions of followers, so if you want to promote your dental services such as dental implants Tijuana, you can do a dental work to an influencer in exchange for a review on his blog.

Analyze all the data that we leave
We work with many brands that are leaders in their sectors, and we are dedicated to digital analytics. He and his team base their work on a tool with which they analyze any profile.

To get an idea of the importance of this advertising branch. In Spain, influencers born in the network reach an annual turnover of over one million euros. No mark escapes the charms of the influencer world.

No matter the followers but the quality of them. In this sense, the platform with which they work allows brands to make a sort of screen with a database of influencers that the agency has. They are selected first by location, price and interaction rate of their publications. Then, from those profiles, it is analyzed how many false followers they have or what their target audience is.

The image of the influencer is the image of the brand, “which insists on the need to look for the right profile with a relevant” conversion rate “(either in sales or the image). The tendency, is the micro-influencers, with fewer followers but with a more niche profile, which may be of more interest to companies.

We must professionalize this area of marketing and value the right influencers. The brands have to see how the data guarantee their investment. You can not close your eyes – or regulation – to a sector that does not touch the ceiling.